-Anyone with a valid fishing license is welcome to participate.

-Register by purchasing a $5.00 raffle ticket at the concessions stand. Retain your ticket stub as proof of purchase.

-Competition fishing begins at 8AM and ends at 4:30PM. Fish must be caught during these hours on the day of the Fisheree.

-Only legal fish will be considered. Please see
Fishing Regulations for Norrie Lake via the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources for current fishing regulations.

-Prize money is awarded after 4:30PM for largest fish of each species. You do not need to be present to receive prize money.

Fisheree Regulations & Rules

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic,

the 2021 Norrie Lake Fisheree has been canceled.

We encourage you to share your fishing experiences and catches on our Facebook page and to support the Norrie Sportsman Club by donating your time or becoming a member. We need members and volunteers to make 2022 the best Fisheree yet!

About the Fisheree: Over $1000 in raffle and cash prizes are given away each year at the annual Norrie Lake Fisheree! This fundraising and fishing event is held the third Saturday of each February. Hundreds of people come to Norrie to try their luck at catching the largest fish of each species for prize money. Concessions, music, games and other fun activities are also provided by the Norrie Sportsman Club. Be sure to try one of their famous "beer" burgers or delicious hot chocolate! Club information, memberships, T-shirts and hats are also available!

Specials prizes for kids in our Kids Raffle!

With the proceeds from the annual Fisheree , the Norrie Sportsman Club has been able to stock Norrie Lake with yellow perch and walleye, and created additional fish habitat through the WI DNR's Fish Sticks project.

canceled for 2021

Norrie Sportsman Club


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